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Core Courses 

The core courses are divided into eight groups. Majors must take one course from each group.

  • Computer Science 
  • Advanced Computing
  • Linguistics  
  • Psychology 
  • Advanced Psychology  
  • Neuroscience
  • Philosophy  
  • Statistics

Computer Science 

CAAM 210 Introduction to Engineering Computation

COMP 130

Elements of Algorithms and Computation

COMP 140

Computational Thinking

COMP 160

Introduction to Game Programming in Python

PSYC 342 Computer Applications in Psychology

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Advanced Computing  

COMP 180 Principles of Computing
COMP 182 Algorithmic Thinking
PSYC 430 Computational Modeling of Cognitive Processes
PHIL 357 Incompleteness, Undecidability, and Computability

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LING 200

Introduction to the Scientific Study of Language (also ANTH 200)

LING 306

Language Thought and Mind

LING 315

Introduction to Semantics

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NEUR 380 Neurosystems (also PSYC 380 or BIOC 380)
NEUR 385 Fundamentals of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (also BIOC 385)
PSYC 362 Cognitive Neuroscience: Exploring the Living Brain
PSYC 375 Neuropsychology of Language and Memory
PSYC 432 Brain and Behavior
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PHIL 103

Philosophical Aspects of Cognitive Science

PHIL 305

Mathematical Logic

PHIL 312

Philosophy of Mind

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PSYC 203 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
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Advanced Psychology 

PSYC 308


PSYC 309

Psychology of Language

PSYC 351

Psychology of Perception

PSYC 461 Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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STAT 280 Elementary Applied Statistics
STAT 305 Introduction to Statistics for Biosciences
STAT 310 Probability and Statistics (also ECON 307)
PSYC 339 Statistical Methods in Psychology
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Note: At most 4 Core Courses may be fulfilled via transfer credit.