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Research Opportunities in Cognitive Sciences

Honors Program

Students with a 3.5 GPA in cognitive sciences and 3.3 overall may apply to be accepted into the cognitive sciences honors program. Students in the honors program are expected to conduct an independent research project of either one or two semesters under the guidance of a member of the cognitive sciences faculty. Students who wish to enter this program should consult with prospective advisors during their junior year and submit a proposal by the end of the semester proceeding the initiation of the project (typically this means submitting a proposal by the end of the junior year and beginning the project during the fall of the senior year). Proposals will be reviewed by both the supervisor and the program director. Students who undertake a two-semester project will be allowed to continue into the second semester only if their advisor judges that sufficient progress has been made during the first semester. At the end of a project, honors students are expected to submit a detailed final report to both their advisor and the program director and make an oral presentation. For more details, see the program director.

CSCI 390

Majors may undertake supervised independent research by enrolling in CSCI390 and may apply up to 9 credits of independent research toward the major. Students who wish to take CSCI390 must complete a CSCI390 contract and have it approved by their supervisor and the program director prior to the end of the 1st week of classes. All students taking CSCI390 also must write a substantive research paper, which is to be submitted to both their advisor and the program director at the end of the semester. (Copies of the contract form and instructions are available on the “forms” section of the cognitive sciences website.)