To email add @rice.edu after the email user name given

Michel Achard | email: achard (Linguistics)
Michael Byrne | email: byrne (Psychological Sciences) *
Patricia DeLucia | email: Pat.DeLucia (Psychological Sciences)
Bryan Denny | email: bryan.denny (Psychological Sciences)
David Dickman | email: david.dickman (Psychological Sciences; primary appointment: Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine)
Robert Englebretson | email: reng (Linguistics)
Simon Fischer-Baum | email: sjf2 (Psychological Sciences -- on leave at NSF until 2025)
Jon Flynn | flynn (Biosciences)
Amy Franklin | email: Amy.Franklin@uth.tmc.edu (primary appointment: Center for Cognitive Informatics)
John Greiner | email: greiner (Computer Science)
Özge Gurcanlı | email: og3 (Psychological Sciences -- on leave until 2025)
Caleb Kemere | email: caleb.kemere (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Suzanne Kemmer | email: kemmer (Linguistics)*
Philip Kortum | email: pkortum (Psychological Sciences)
Uriah Kriegel | email: kriegel (Philosophy)
Stephanie Leal | stephanie.leal (Psychological Sciences)
Lan Li | email: ll (History)
Randi Martin | email: rmartin (Psychological Sciences)
Alexander Morgan | email: alex.morgan (Philosophy)*
Nancy Niedzielski | email: niedz (Linguistics)
Fred Oswald | email: foswald (Psychological Sciences)
Xaq Pitkow | email: xaq.pitkow (Electrical and Computer Engineering; primary appointment: Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine)*
Timothy Schroeder | email: timothy.a.schroeder (Philosophy)
Charles Siewert | email: siewert (Philosophy)
Devika Subramanian | email: devika (Computer Science)*
Marina Vannucci | email: marina (Statistics)
Carissa Zimmerman | email: Carissa.A.Zimmerman (Center for Teaching Excellence)

Emeritus Faculty

Steven J. Cox | email: cox (Computational and Applied Mathematics)
James Dannemiller | email: dannemil (Psychological Sciences)
Richard Grandy | email: grandy (Philosophy)
Don Johnson | email: dhj (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Sydney Lamb | email: lamb (Linguistics)
David Lane | email: lane (Psychological Sciences)
James Pomerantz | email: pomeran (Psychological Sciences)
David Schneider | email: sch (Psychological Sciences)
Stephen Tyler | email: styler (Anthropology)
James Young | email: young (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

* steering committee member